Projects: Our business model and your opportunity to work with us to establish a win-win constellation.

Project Work

You need temporary support for one of your project teams and are looking for specialists from the field of object-oriented, model-driven generative development.

We offer a framework of service contracts to provide developers who are able to rapidly integrate themselves into your team, and to contribute knowledge and experience that lighten the load and push the project forward.

Project Optimization

You are looking for someone who accompany you from the start and all the way through your project work wherever questions about software architecture or success-oriented development and production processes are concerned - for instance, regarding the integration of generative process elements.

We offer a framework of service contracts to provide software architects who can explain to you which techniques and process elements are appropriate for your needs, and actively support you during their introduction.

Project Organization

You are looking for a classic project manager who not only has to get the technical aspects of the project under control, but at the same time must apply himself to things like time and resource administration, the definition of milestones and the achievement of project goals.

We offer a framework of service contracts to assign to you one of our project managers who has already mastered such tasks often in the past, allowing you to benefit from the experience essential for fulfilling your objectives.

Project Responsibility

You are considering contracting a complete technical crew, since you recognize the necessity of implementation, but do not have the temporary or organizational capacities available to carry it out yourself.

We offer service contracts for the implementation, introduction and, of course, guarantee of complete or partial IT projects.

Project Realization

You are experienced in the market, possess expertise in your specialized area, and have an idea for a revolutionary solution in your head, but lack the IT support required for its realization.

We are ready to check every promising idea for its market relevance and feasibility, so that we can work together to elaborate a project development path and follow it all the way to enjoy the mutual benefits of value creation. Provided that you are as willing to invest as we are, anything is worth a try. In the end we all know that the strength of the apparently small lies in sticking together.